As a job seeker, it is essential to have a well-planned strategy in place to find and secure the perfect job. The process of job hunting can be challenging and often long-winded, but there are a few things that job seekers can do every week to increase their chances of success. This blog outlines some of the essential things job seekers should do every week to stay focused, motivated, and ahead of the competition.

Research Companies and Job Openings

The first step in any successful job search is identifying companies and job openings aligning with your career goals and interests. Spend some time every week researching potential employers and job opportunities that fit your skill set and experience. Use job search engines like Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn to explore job postings in your field and list companies that interest you.

Customize Your Resume and Cover Letter

One of the most critical elements of your job search is your resume and cover letter. Tailoring your application materials to each job you apply for is crucial to making an excellent first impression. Every week, spend time customizing your resume and cover letter to match the specific job requirements and qualifications.


Networking is an essential component of any successful job search. Take advantage of opportunities to network with professionals in your field, both online and in person. Attend industry conferences, join professional organizations, and connect with people on LinkedIn to build your network and increase your visibility. Make a list of people you want to communicate with and spend some time reaching out to them each week.

Follow Up on Applications

After submitting your application, following up with the employer to demonstrate your interest in the job is essential. This can be done via email, phone call, or LinkedIn message. Use your research to identify the appropriate contact person, and reach out to them within a few days of submitting your application. It shows you are proactive, enthusiastic, and committed to the job search process.

Practice Interview Skills

Preparing for an interview can be nerve-wracking, but you can gain confidence and ace any interview with practice. Spend some time each week practicing your interview skills, both in-person and online. Research commonly asked interview questions, and practice answering them confidently, concisely, and compellingly. Consider recording yourself during mock interviews to analyze your performance and fine-tune your approach.

Stay Organized

Job hunting can quickly become overwhelming, with multiple job applications, networking events, and follow-up calls to manage. Staying organized is crucial to keeping your job search on track. Use a spreadsheet or other organizational tool to keep track of your job search progress, including job postings applied, interview dates, follow-up actions, and networking contacts. It helps to manage your job search effectively.

Keep Learning

Keeping up-to-date with the latest developments in your field is essential to remain competitive in the job market. Spend some time each week reading industry news, blogs, and publications to stay informed and gain knowledge. Attend webinars and workshops to build new skills and add value to your resume. Continuous learning and self-improvement show your eagerness and dedication to your profession.

In Conclusion

In summary, job seekers can take several actions every week to stay focused, motivated, and successful in their job search. Researching potential employers and job opportunities, customizing your application materials, networking, following up on applications, practicing interview skills, staying organized, and continuously learning are all essential components of a successful job search strategy. By investing time and effort in these critical areas, job seekers can increase their chances of securing their dream job and building a successful career.

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